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"Bo Johnson is a talented singer, songwriter, producer and artist from Sweden. Awarded with accolades such as the peerless Billboard Dance no.1 award, DJ Times no.5 and several chartings on the Swedish Dance Chart, Bo Johnson is the world’s latest soulful electronic and dance sensation.

Bo Johnson has a signum sound, always expressing emotions by combining acoustic instruments with electronic flavors in the style of Deep/Progressive House, Pop and EDM and various eminent vocal artists. A dramatic injury at the age of fifteen threatened to derail the artist’s hopes and dreams, but Bo Johnson persevered, disdaining the doctor’s notions that he’d never walking again, enduring painful rehabilitation, and regained his ability to walk again. He even pushed it further winning titles in bodybuilding. It’s this same energy of combining talented hard work together with his big heart that Johnson has brought original music, which garnered love from all around the world."


     - The New York Chronicle, Feb 11 2021


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